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Professional Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Professional Restaurant Hood Cleaning | Traverse CityBay Spray also offers professional restaurant hood cleaning! Having your restaurant hood cleaned, as well as other key parts around the hood, is a vital part of a regular maintenance. It must be performed on a regular basis to avoid build up and prevent fires!

Have you noticed that hood cleaning prices range from low end to high end? This frustrates many restaurant owners. When obtaining contract bids, one estimate may be in the hundreds and another may be over a thousand. How can two companies vary so greatly on their price for the same type of work? The truth is that is boils down to the extent of cleaning… the lowest bidder will only clean the hood itself, and the highest bidder may clean the entire kitchen and exhaust system from fan to floor.

Many local, competing companies and contractors may have minimal experience, lack proper training, or may not even carry the proper tools to clean the system from top to bottom, down to bare metal as suggested by NFPA code #96. After decades of kitchen exhaust experience, the mission of Bay Spray Enterprises has always been to “Do It Better” than the competition! We take great pride in our work, give personal attention to our customers, and promise satisfaction! We use the latest equipment, tools, and supplies to clean your restaurant hood from top to bottom including: the fan, duct, hoods, filters, back wall, and floor! We also pride ourselves in the details… checking the belts, wiping down the stainless steel to a shine, performing a thorough recheck of the system, and safely closing and locking your restaurant prior to leaving!

Restaurant Hood Cleaning – Before & After Gallery

If you so desire, we will also provide an estimate to include total restaurant cleaning and sanitizing including all kitchen equipment, counters, tables, floors, windows, and even powerwash the roof, parking lots, sidewalks, and dumpsters!

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