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Roof Cleaning and Roof Washing

Roof Cleaning | Traverse CityWHY USE BAY SPRAY ENTERPRISES?
We take great pride in our work and we treat every home as if were our own. Our knowledge and over 25 years of cleaning experience means that we know how to safely and correctly maneuver on a roof. We are fully insured and will get our roof clean and protect it from future damage and unneeded replacement. Please contact us for a free estimate and roof inspection.
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If your having problems with roof moss or black streaks on your roof? You have come to the right place. Bay Spray Roof Cleaning is a specialist at shingle cleaning. Good news! Ugly roof stains and moss can be removed from your roof, quickly, easily, safely and affordable. Your roof can look like new again for a fraction of the cost of re-roofing. Don’t replace it just because it is stained!

What are those ugly Roof Stains?

Air-born spores cause those Ugly roof stains from black algae and mold. The spores land on the roof and feed on the minerals within the asphalt and wood shingles. The north side of the roof is most affected; the ultra violet rays from the sun kill most growth spores from algae, mold, and fungi on the rest of the roof.

Will the Algae harm my Roof?

Yes, if left untreated for long enough. The algae growth can cause your shingles to dry, crack and curl. The type of growth you have determines the amount of damage. The least damaging are algae and molds. These growths hold moisture, which very slowly cause rotting of the shingles. The worst growth we encounter is lichen. We find it growing on most the roof we clean. Lichen is such a rapid feeder, it creates enough damage to the roof, in as little as 3 years, so as to cause pits in the shingles. Don’t forget the visual damage growth causes to the roof. Most roofs are replaced today due to the way they look. We find many people are replacing their 25-30 year roof in as little as 10 years because they look so bad. Often a cleaning is all they need.

Can the Algae be prevented after the roof is cleaned?

Often copper and zinc strips, installed on the top of the shingles along the ridge are used, but these work poorly at best because the surface area of a narrow strip of metal did not release enough oxide poison to keep an entire roof clean. They also became ineffective in as little as 4-5 years.
There are now products, which come in liquid form that can be applied to the shingles to prevent re-growth. They keep the entire roof clean, and are much safer than an oxide poison. As with the copper and zinc, these products need to be reapplied about once every 4-5 years.

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